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Emma Barbato travels the country as a keynote speaker, presenter and mentor to the fitness and wellness industry.

As one of the country’s most reputed educators, TV personality, speaker and producer, Emma helps us understand the rapid shift in societies psychology towards the relationship with our bodies, self image and the evolved definition of health aka a “rebellion” . The renown series of Emazon courses and live events teach people how to make sense of the developments of holistic health and psychological wellness in fitness.

Her renowned body, mind and spirit workshops including REBELOLOGY have toured the country for over 6 years. It is a provocative and unconventional insight into our health, weight loss, self image, personal authority and self destructive behaviors. This powerful message to is the reason why Emma was cast as the “Rogue Trainer“ for prime time television on The Biggest Loser and Australia’s Next Top Model, and why she has featured in national publications such as Oxygen Magazine, Who Weekly and Travel Play Live.

Her provoking insight into fitness has been built over a profile career of over 16 years of training, formal study and experience relative to health, cultural psychology and mind therapies. Emma was formally trained in the US and has a Diploma of Exercise Physiology from the American College of Sports and Medicine with her formal studies in Marketing, Social Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience.


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Winning BPW ’Woman of the Year’ in 2006, along with numerous business awards, it is clear Emma is here to usher in a rebellion of the body, mind and spirit. The Emazon programs have been endorsed by private and government agencies such as the NSW Police Department of Domestic Violence, the Department of Community Services, the Australian Defence Force and the Juvenile Justice, allowing her to work directly within the community.

As an activist for human rights and women’s equality in 2015 Emma was invited to be Australia Ambassador for RED MY LIPS, a global initiative to raise awareness about Sexual Violence against women. Learn more about RED MY LIPS here

Emma is now the Director of The Emazon Agency, a communication consultancy that produces disruptive brands, statements and events.