Ep.5 Podcast: with Co-host Leah Gilbert, Body Positive Athlete

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You know when the moment when you meet a person and you’ve recognised a sister from another mister? Well it seems everyone feels the same when they meet this natural beauty who stands strong in her own self-awareness, boundaries and what it means to re-build an empowered relationship with your body. I loved every minute (all 100 of them) of recording this Episode with such a magnificent woman creating change for women of all sizes in sport.

Leah Gilbert is a mother of two, Triathlete, Running Coach and Fitness Instructor from Redhead in New South Wales. As Founder of the Body Positive Athletes blog and online community, Leah is well known across the globe as a Thought Leader in the area of plus size athleticism and body positive athleticism. She is also regarded as one of the top new fitness motivators alongside Ashley Graham and Jessamyn Stanley. She is currently working on producing the World’s first multi-sport magazine dedicated to larger athletes. She is also joining the panelist line up in the upcoming BODY POSITIVE IN THE MEDIA event being held in Sydney.

To read more about Leah’s work see the articles and published works below.

Since beginning her campaign for an increase in relatable fitness and sporting role models for larger people, Leah has had her story covered in publications and social media sites such as:

Leah also enjoys being a regular Guest Contributor to Born To Reign Athletics, and Travel.Play. Live Magazine.

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