Ep.6 with Co-Host Glenn Phipps Exercise Scientist


You all know I love a smart human! And I was thrilled to get this guy on the couch and record this podcast. Glenn Phipps and I worked together at the PSE Lifestyle Center and I was always impressed with his ability to dig under the surface of fitness trends and pull part their validity in a way to which common ‘science sense’ prevailed. He is just a smart dude who doesn’t mind upsetting the apple cart to ensure the science, purpose and delivery of exercise prescription are aligned.

The reason I wanted to have Glenn on the show was to validate our desire to critically think for ourselves when it comes to choosing the right way to move our body according to YOUR RULES. We cover some common myths of commercial fitness and exercise such as

  1. The Go Hard Go Home mentality of training.
  2. How Cortisol + hi-intensity exercise + low calories = timebomb
  3. Does muscle really burn more calories then fat.
  4. Training according to your body type.
  5. Why being desperate to loose weight is the WORST motive to start exercise.
  6. When is it ok to ditch the science and just do what feels good.
  7. The right questions to ask your trainer

Plus a heap of other rants we let loose on but I respect Glenn’s holistic perspective on health where the harmony between science and the soul can be found.

If you would like to know more about Glenn’s work you can head to www.glenphipps.com or you can throw him some love for being super smart on his social media HERE 

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