Ep 8 Chasing the Dragon with Emma Barbato

In this episode you have me all to yourself!

I’ve wanted to do a podcast on this topic for some time now. The notion of *’Chasing the Dragon’ is an angle of the self help and wellness industry that is rarely discussed. And that is, at what point does the pursuit of self help, improvement and empowerment become a subliminal addiction that keeps us chasing the idea ‘MORE IS MORE’?

At what point do we stand still, let the caffeine settle and claim the tools we have paid for and the stripes we’ve earned by pulling back the layers and do the messy work of self healing?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an intricate thread of the industry for over 15 years and endorse the pursuit of self awareness and empowerment through self education. Clearly its my thing! But what is more my thing is giving you the tools and self-belief to build your own tool kits, write your own rule book and create the definitions of what health, love, success and happiness means to YOU… not the story being pitched on every ad campaign or Facebook meme. With this tool kit also comes the ability to flag when ‘enough is enough’. To identify the point when the painful work has paid off and you can actually start living as an empowered individual….daily. Don’t worry, life itself sends us plenty of opportunity to learn, expand and challenge our current way of thinking. Once you have a healthy sense of self awareness, you will know what to flag, bypass and peel back. If we keep our minds open and self awareness in check then our flow of grace will fill in any vital blanks we could be missing.

In this episode I dig into Pandora’s box to ask why are we do hesitate to claim that our glass could be  full glass and ‘I am enough, this is enough and whatever comes as a form of learning or expansion is a bonus?’

When do you give yourself permission to stop ‘chasing the dragon’


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* the term ‘Chasing the Dragon’ is commonly referred metaphor for substance addiction. However for the purpose of this podcast content I have associated it to the context of any thought, idea or process we continue to pursue without a point of relief or satisfaction.

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