Ep 9 Food Psychology and Changing our beliefs around food with Melanie Lock ND BHSc

Melanie Lock Episode 9 Rebelology Podcast

Well its safe to say we punched this topic straight in the solar plexus! I managed to capture the beautiful Melanie Lock, Wolfmother, Healer, Naturopath, Business Owner, Blogger, Product Manufacture, Columnist and Earth Mumma for an hour in the studio to talk about our beliefs and emotional programming around food.

As a clinical Naturopath she spends her days in clinic and presenting on the topics such as food as medicine and as a healing modality yet we both shared a common observation that no matter how much we know about food and what we should eat, at some point it always comes down to the data files we have uploaded in the mind about food and the emotional attachment to it. At some point we have to be willing to dive down that rabbit hole to understand what are the neurological, emotional and medicinal attachments we have built into our relationship with food get to the source of our behavior.

In this episode we strip back the facade and confront the bullshit story we tell ourselves around food that keep us trapped and isolated in a cycle of rehab, sabotage, punishment, rehab, repeat…… If you love your practitioners straight up yet nurturing from a space of compassion with an intention to help you heal, you have found her! Sit back and dive down the rabbit hole with us on this juicy, robust and confronting topic.

For more info on Mel’s work you can follow her on FACEBOOK  or INSTAGRAM or her CLINIC PAGE



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