Rebelology Girl Talk HQ Interview with Emma Chalmers

We have finally come across the best description of the body positive movement: a rebellion! We can thank Australian fitness and media personality Emma Chalmers for this description, because it has become the cornerstone of her brand Rebelology. Emma is known down under for her appearance as a trainer on the Australian version of ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’, as well as her recently launched podcast series ‘Rebelology: The Rise of the Feminine Rebel’. She has also been touring the country for the past 15 years as a speaker and educator breaking down the misconceptions around the fitness industry, and bringing a more holistic, comprehensive message to such a timely subject.

Emma believes the traditional model of making women hate themselves to achieve satisfaction is existing on “borrowed time”. Meaning, everyday people have finally found their voice and a way to push new ideas of what beauty, success, health, fitness and wellness should look like.

When you hear her speak, you cannot help but be captivated by her passion and vision, knowing full well the power each of us has to be part of pushing the inclusive body positive momentum forward. Aside from being an industry leader and powerhouse, Emma has a really informed perspective on some of the very divisive conversations that have been occurring on social platforms regarding body image and health.


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