MBS Festival LIVE; The Rise of the Feminine Rebel

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As promised for those who couldn’t make it to the Mind Body Spirit Festival this year, I recorded my presentation live for the podcast on ‘The Rise of the Feminine Rebel’.

In this 1 hour presentation I wanted to give an umbrella view of the 4 key factors contributing to the cultural rebellion lead by women in western culture that is deconstructing a billion dollar industry. Considering the audience was a mix of general public, Emazon clients and professionals in the industries of mind, body and spirit practice, the main focus was to answer the question “has anything really changed”.

I know it may be a little hard to follow as it was delivered with a screen presentations which may make it a little hard to follow in some areas. Below are the two videos that you hear play in the background of the recording and some of the references to the ad’s I have mentioned in the presentation as a media study.

Video Reference 1: Battle of the Bulges

#thisgirlcan campaign

*Please be aware the purpose of ad’s being featured were to demonstrate the social response not to demise the companies or individuals mentioned.




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  • Colleen Maclean says:

    I attended one of your workshop/seminar/event…EXPERIENCES in 2013 in Adelaide. (At a defence establishment)
    After really not keeping up with your work since then, I stubbled across a video which reignited the fire that I didn’t realise was snuffed out from a series of unfortunate events…
    I have literally just binge listen to your rebelolgy podcasts and some of your Vlogs….
    After the very first Ep of your podcast, almost straight after your first point was made, tears welled up in my eyes. It was pure happiness that I found the rational voice I had been needing to snap me out of my self deprecating, self destructive state of mind and bring me back to the path to a healthy thought pattern and self respectful existence.
    I didn’t quite realise the thirst I held for knowledge, I have been dehydrated by the crap I had allowed myself to be dictated.
    Bring the tsunami!

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