Podcast Ep 2: Welcome to Mainstream News Media

rebelology podcast episode 2 Dear Mainstream Media

” Where your faith in humanity goes to die” Sistar DK

It seems Ron Burgundy would be more reliable to entrust your life’s work to rather than journalists whose number one agenda is to simply create more outrage by publishing…. you guessed it; MORE OUTRAGE. Hello CLICK BAIT!

I was recently asked by a mainstream news media outlet (to whom share their articles with other affiliated outlets) to offer my views on a recent ‘controversy’ that went viral about a singular comment an Australian public figure in fitness had made; ‘I have never met a happy morbidly obese person’.

Emma Chalmers rebelologyAs MY agenda would have it, I saw the perfect opportunity for a big media outlet to know more about the cultural shift in our psychology that explains why small statements like these go viral with such aggression. My team and I agreed the incident was another significant red flag that indicates the rebellion is alive and well so I proceeded to give insight to why the collective outrage of the masses is growing. In this particular case their empowered voice stated; their mental and emotional wellness is not to be generalised in a public forum based on their BMI. BUT…. surprise suprise, this was NOT not the version that was published.

Heaven forbid we offer a renewed perspective to the controversy that may reveal a deeper truth to the knee-jerk response of the public. Would it be to risky to entertain the greater intelligence with an expanded view point that doesn’t point the finger at the person who said it, but highlights the change in our social landscape where these messages are being delivered? Could some mainstream news outlets drop the antics of misquoting and contorting the truth to step out of the sand pit and explore a pro-active view?

NO….WAIT… That is what uncensored podcasts are for… 

ENJOY Episode 2 divine rebels!


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