Podcast Ep.4 Setting Boundaries


So in this episode it’s just us! Sometime’s in-between co-host’s coming on the show I like to gather up experiences from the week, what’s happening in the media, common theme’s we are talking about or simply a question from you I feel would make a good podcast episode.

This week the theme of setting boundaries in our personal and professional relationships not to mention the murky ground of the internet, was a hot topic. Putting healthy boundaries in place is something I know many people struggle with. Sometimes it represents upsetting the apple cart, having a courageous conversation or in some cases severing a relationship all together. Speaking our truth is not easy at the best of times. Depending on the topic it can feel like your skidding on ice, especially if the conversation triggers a deep wound from our past.

So in this episode I dive into the muddy waters of defining our non-negotiable boundaries, acting and speaking from our truth while keeping our mind open and humble enough to accept we are a work in progress. In other words, how do we affirm our beliefs to help secure our confidence but not fall into the righteousness of the ego.

I also share an important process I had to put in place to ensure I could always call out my own bullshit. In the space of activism and social justice it easy to slip from being pro-active and empowering into just being a narcissistic arsehole who forces your views onto others. It also helps you flag when you may be dealing with the latter and when its time to pick your battles.

Warning…. Its a dicey topic. The issues discussed in this podcast is what main-stream media call the ‘NO-GO’ zone. These are the topics you avoid to put out there to preserve sanctity and commonality. However my audience are also aware of my intentions behind opening up the odd can of worms. Especially when we can stand affirmed to say we don’t have all the answers. All we simply trying to find better, more productive and evolved ways to potentially solve our problems.

Podcast Reference here:

Madonna’s Stand on age-ism and sexism: LINK HERE

How to have courageous conversations in Cyber Space Vlog: LINK HERE

Body Positive in the Media event: LINK HERE

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