Podcast Ep.3 Guest Co-Host Kortney Olson

When we gave the podcast the green light, one of the first divine rebels I wanted to sit with to co-host the show was Kortney Olson. Creator of the disruptive athletic clothing label GRRL Clothing and justice dame, Kortneys label is a global first. It is dedicated to the celebration of diversity among women, equality and making competition obsolete between sistars. The label broke industry ground by not only selling a full size range but also being the first athletic apparel line which promised to

NEVER ever photoshop images of our athletes or models in our advertising or on our website. Whilst we may photoshop a tag sticking out or put a logo on a background – we will NEVER EVER airbrush, photoshop or otherwise manipulate what other companies and media outlets see as “imperfections”. Women are perfection already. Period.  See the full company manifesto here

One of the many things I love about this women is her unapologetic dedication to action. In a time when there is a lot of talk, opinions and ideas thrown around about the body positive movement, this sistar backs her beliefs by creating segways for women to connect by means of authentic empowerment. #grrrlarmy

You can only image what happened when we got together and recorded a podcast when  I flew to the gold coast to record this in a hotel room with only 48hours before flying overseas. It was worth the rush trip as we unload on all things muscle fetish, the status-quo on beauty, drugs and disrupting the game plan of a $60 billion dollar industry.  Note: Explicit language MAY have occurred during the recording of this episode.

To find out more about GRRRL clothing head to the OFFICIAL SITE here





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