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Thank you to GLOBAL HEALING EXCHANGE who invited me to contribute my view on the RISE OF FEMININE REBEL to their online holistic magazine the in the lead up to the launch of the podcast on April 1st.


Over my 15 year career as a coach, TV personality, presenter, producer and now host of my own podcast show I have been called many things. A rebel at heart is the one that rings true the most, to the point I built an entire career on the principle of rebellion.

In 2008 the tag line for my personal training business was a ‘change is coming’. It wasn’t just a catchy line to entice people to train with me, but for two reasons. It was a reflection of what I could see happening in society, on a cultural level, in relation to our fitness along with my affection for our inner rebel who sub-consciously rejects the status quo, decades of cultural conditioning so we can forge our own path.

It seemed over the years, every client who came to me for training or coaching was always on the cusp of personal rebellion. And what a beautiful, exciting and messy threshold it is. When you choose to break free from the confines of the limiting beliefs and behaviors you know suffocate your soul and stand up to say “this is my body, my life and it’s my rules” Needless to say I intently become a specialist in the graceful art of personal rebellion. In marketing terms, rebellion became the foundation of my brand, the messages and my greatest contribution. That later expanded to pursue the study and commentary of the cultural narrative of social psychology that is currently being articulated in the western world.


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