WARNING! When theatrics are disguised as ‘fitness motivation”

Professionally I would like to thank former US-Soldier and self proclaimed ‘fitness motivator” John Burke for his colorful performance to deliver his solution to the obesity problem in America.  It was wonderful to have a perfect example of what demonstrates the archaic and out-dated theatrics we once accepted as “motivation” from fitness professionals.

If it was meant as an audition for a TV Fat-Camp drama series (note the term drama) or for the purpose of click bait then the 5:30sec performance would have sealed the deal for him. However it wasn’t posted as an audition. Apparently this was meant to be delivered as ADVICE for people who are obese. Considering he is a trainer than we are lead to believe it was meant to be articulated as “professional advice”. If you haven’t been graced with his solutions  feel free to watch here before reading or viewing my response so you can see why I want to make a clear distinction between theatrics for entertainment and fitness motivation from a professional standpoint. CLICK HERE to watch the video in full (courtesy of news.com.au)

To be honest I am not just picking on poor Johnny in particular. I could post 100 of these types of videos from trainers featuring the same shirtless tirade, swearing and skimming their views across the surface of a multi-faceted epidemic that is shattering the physical and mental well-being of thousands of men and women around the world.

While his delivery was both hailed and  disdained from the public for his “tough love and no bullshit” attitude, it may come as a surprise to why I stand so firm against everything this video and  delivery represents.  Considering I was cast in two international TV shows as the “tough love no BS” trainer and known for my straight delivery, one may assume I would high-5 this brother-in-arms. I don’t. Even though my company and profile is grounded within the messages of rebellion, anarchy and ‘your body, your rules’ by no means does it absolve me from the common respect for my fellow wo/men let alone the respect I have for my profession. Lets face it, I am no saint. Many of you know I like to enhance my sentences with a little profanity however there is a clear definition between colorful language and just being a rude asshole. I have pushed my clients beyond their perceived limits both mentally and physically. I know some phenomenal trainers who have done this, reduced obesity and at no point did we need to humiliate or  insult through shame and guilt to achieve it.

In my vlog attached above I offer a clear and defined explanation to why everything about these ‘click bait’ videos, dialogue and approach should be red-flagged as nothing but theatrics and entertainment. Not only are these drill sergeant methods outdated and out-proven for long term adherence, they are an insult to those who are taking the industry beyond smoke and mirrors towards a highly regarded institution to offer education in mind and body with a duty of care for their clients. As a consumer of this industry, you are on the board of investors. ONLY pay your money, entrust your time and practice to those who demonstrate a commitment to moving you and the industry beyond the antic’s of shame and guilt. You are NOT enlisted for war. You are seeking advice, support and guidance to reach the goal for wellness or performance from a professional.

James S. Fell is a syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and author of Mission Motivation, wrote a wonderful blog in responsive the video that echoes the sentiment of many professionals in the industry who wanted to bitch-slap these methods back to 1985 where they belong. James also links some wonderful research projects and studies done on the human psychology of positive re-enforcement you may find insightful. CLICK HERE to download and read in full.

I would like to thank all of you who tag and share these articles, posts and topics with me through my social media as you are the game changers demanding we evolve. You are the ones leading this rebellion out of its primitive form into a progressive professional where we can support you in wellness of body, mind and spirit. YOU ARE THE CHANGE.

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