What Is Rebelology?

Welcome to the rise of the Feminine Rebel

Rebelology the podcast show launching April 1st 16 and body of work presented by Emma Barbato.

Rebelology was originally launched as a blog site of video and written word produced by Emma Chalmers of the Emazon Agency. The collection of blogs, presentations, workshops and courses are based on the study and teachings about the rise of the feminine rebel archetype which has contributed to the cultural shift in our psychology and beliefs towards body image, reclaiming our health and self authority in western society.

The Rebelology podcast was created to meet the demand for uncensored free content to be accessible around the globe. The show is produced to unite like minds and share the knowledge, studies, campaigns and thought leaders on the growing force that is deconstructing industries at a rapid rate.

Rebelology steps beyond the narrative of gender-equality. The term ‘feminine rebel’ is not exclusive to a man or woman, but to the feminine consciousness that we all possess. Feminine intelligence promotes authenticity, self expression, empathy, collaboration,  fairness and intuitive awareness which is being adopted throughout western culture in business, politics, social justice and our focus topic here: wellness.

Women who are the primary custodian of feminine intelligence are leading the rebellion. They have unexpectedly altered the mission statement of multi-billion dollar industries which have inadvertently changed the game. It is effecting the construct of many industries where women are the primary investor such as health, fitness, beauty and fashion.

“If women started to actually like themselves imagine all the companies that would go out of business”. DR GAIL

This renown statement is no longer hypothetical. As a result of feminine empowerment, it is fast becoming a reality where the current consumers of beauty, fitness and health have begun to reject the fear-based marketing, oppressive terminology and stereotypical ideals. The outdated motives of self loathing and self-correction are now being questioned. There is a reason our feeds are being flooded with #thisgirlcan #bosslady #likeaqueen #istand #womennotobjects #yourbodyyourrules and campaigns like Project Womankind, Eff your Beauty Standards, Drop the Plus, Endangered Bodies and companies like GRRRL clothing are front and center to shatter stereotypes, question the methodology and disrupt the agenda.

The Rebelology podcast show collates those rebel statements,  ideas and developments. Launching on APRIL 1st 2016 in weekly episodes featuring a range of co-hosts and guests to discuss all things rebellion. SUBSCRIBE BELOW so you never miss an episode.

Show host, Emma Chalmers tours the country as a keynote speaker, producer and industry expert on the rise of the feminine rebel in the fitness, lifestyle and wellness industries. For more information on Emma READ BIO HERE

For speaking and event bookings contact Amiee Mac from Pink Diamond PR am@pinkdiamondevents.com.au

We welcome you to submit your articles, campaigns, blog links, images, projects or statements that reflect the rise of the feminine rebel in western society to feature on the show. If there is guest or co-host who you believe is breaking down the status quo, then submit here.